Nestled in the heart of Austria’s Bregenzerwald, Hotel Post Bezau and the Susanne Kaufmann brand epitomize the fusion of luxury with sustainability. Hotel Post Bezau, renowned for its wellness focus, offers guests an array of spa treatments and health programs, many featuring the acclaimed Susanne Kaufmann skincare line. This synergy extends to the culinary realm, where the hotel’s emphasis on regional, seasonal ingredients complements the brand’s ethos.

Susanne Kaufmann, a brand born from a deep respect for nature, mirrors these values. Its commitment to sustainability is evident in eco-friendly packaging and sustainable ingredient sourcing. Internationally recognized, the brand stands as a testament to the efficacy and purity of natural skincare.

Together, Hotel Post Bezau and Susanne Kaufmann represent a luxurious, eco-conscious experience, deeply rooted in the Austrian tradition of wellness and natural beauty.